Recommended Websites

The links provided are for reference only because the articles provide valuable information or represent points of view similar to those embodied in Transitionalism. It is neither stated nor implied that the parties or information represented on these sites agree with the Transitionalist perspective or that we are in full agreement with their position.




  • The Qualified Self  –
    The employment of various techniques and technologies to gain a greater, deeper understanding of one’s body and level of awareness.
  • Wildmind –
    There are fundamental differences between Buddhism and Transitionalism, still for those seeking better their own lives and those of others by bringing into their lives enhanced clarity and self-awareness through mindfulness training this site should prove useful whatever your persuasion.
  • Charity Navigator –
    It is important to be an informed in order for the subject of your donation to get the most for your generosity.


  • The Long Now Foundation –
    The presentation of seminars and sponsoring of a variety of projects seeking to cultivate a sense of responsibility through the perspective of deep time where the distant past and distant future is an integral part of the present.
  • World Future Society –
    Professional organization of futurists focuses on the present and near, intermediate future from a technological, social, political, economic, business perspective.



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