The Transitionalism worldview means a better understanding of the world and our relationship to it. To more easily incorporate its principles and practices into daily life links are provided taking you to helpful guides, information or express points of view that reinforce those in Transitionalism. If you know of a particularly useful resource it would be greatly appreciated if you would send it along so others could benefit.


New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light
This could begin a new era of space exploration.



What are the limits of human vision?
It is always good to have an idea of how our body functions.


jamesdotyneurosurgeonThe Magic Shop of the Brain
James Doty is neurosurgeon at Stanford studying the relationship between the brain and the heart in particular how our emotions, experience, and habits shape the brain to give us the life we live.


acidic reefJeremy Jackson: How We Wrecked the Ocean
Coral reef ecologist Jeremy Jackson describes the deteriorating state of the world’s oceans.


polar bear threatenedHot: The Next 50 Years on EarthInterview with science journalist Mark Hertsgaard about his book discussing climate change, government policy.